Our Mission

There are many quality seals, labels and awards in the field of sustainability – actually too many…

  • but which of them keep their promises?
  • And what do they promise anyway?
  • Which of them can “one” trust?
  • Which mysterious titles/abbreviations stand for what?
  • Which are mere marketing inventions of highly paid agencies to increase sales figures on ┬á the “green wave”? Knowing very well that for a long time already the consumer has lost the overview and the perspective…

Despite – or perhaps especially because of – the confusing number of labels, over 60% of the population would like to see an (umbrella) quality label with clear communication and expressiveness. Naturally reputable and independent… This is the finding of a market research study conducted annually in eight countries.

Exactly this is where we want to present “lighthouses”. Signposts that shine far out from the sea of companies and products! Our organization has created an umbrella brand, an “umbrella award” to highlight and honor all those brands that have proven to be truly “green” / ecologically sustainable. This is regardless of company size and industry. We also strive to promote small and medium-sized companies in particular and to put them in the same spotlight as the “big ones” could afford to do with a large advertising budget … – but also to create the impression of ” self-congratulation” or the great danger of green washing.

The most important criteria for legitimate Qualityseals / Awards are:

  • The initiator and participating institutions/decision-makers are independent and neutral
  • The procedure and the assessment criteria are scientifically supervised/prepared, transparent, verifiable and independently controlled
  • The award is made after a multi-stage examination/decision procedure

The GREEN BRAND quality seal is a registered EU certification mark for ecological sustainability with an independent, transparent and neutral testing procedure. It is hence legally protected throughout the EU!

All of the awarded GREEN BRANDS have one thing in common: they all must successfully pass the independent, complex – and to date globally unique – procedure! The international awarding procedure of the GREEN BRANDS sets new standards as a green umbrella brand in the B2C as well as in the B2B sector as a quality assurance and decision-making aid and is excellently recognisable with its distinctive quality seal.

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