Werner Lampert

Werner Lampert

GREEN BRANDS Austria Personality 2012

Pioneer in Organic Farming in Austria and an Author

Information about the work of Werner Lampert can be found at http://www.wernerlampert.com/

No, Werner Lampert’s no cook. He’s not a farmer either. And yet nutrition is the subject that has been on his mind for more than 40 years. Lampert’s mission is the turn towards responsible and fair organic farming and sustainable consumer goods production.
With “Ja! Natürlich” by Rewe and “Zurück zum Ursprung” by Hofer KG he developed two of the most successful organic brands in Europe. He wrote several books in which he introduces consumers to the necessity of holistic agriculture. In 1998 he founded Werner Lampert Beratungs GmbH, which supports retailers throughout Europe in designing sustainable organic brands or entire organic product ranges and implementing sustainability systems for existing brands. This makes Werner Lampert one of the leading pioneers for sustainable organic products in Europe.
The world is facing immense challenges: the world population is growing, climate change is advancing and clean water is becoming increasingly scarce on our planet.
At the same time, food supply will become the biggest challenge for Europe in the next 20 years. To ensure that we can continue to live well and healthily tomorrow, Werner Lampert has been calling for a rethink for years: towards sustainable organic farming and fair production of consumer goods. And now.
Even as a father of two daughters, Lampert is concerned that future generations should also have access to healthy food. He urges haste and demands a rapid agricultural turnaround. His credo: Only a responsible and fair organic agriculture can ensure sustainability.
Lampert is certain: Everyone must take responsibility and start thinking, acting and managing sustainably. The farmer or producer is responsible for healthy products that contribute to the well-being of the consumer and the environment. The consumer, in turn, must understand that behind food there are people who produce it and live off the proceeds. Only when consumers know who produces their milk, cheese or bread can they develop trust. And from this trust comes responsibility.
Born in Vorarlberg in 1946, Werner Lampert is one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable food production.
He has been intensively involved with organic farming since the 1970s and is working towards establishing organic as a synonym for sustainability and developing high-quality products that are produced sustainably and transparently.


Werner Lampert’s lifelong interest in organic farming was awakened as early as the mid-1960s, when he became acquainted in Switzerland with the work of the first pioneers and pioneers of biodynamic agriculture, Maria and Hans Müller, as well as Hans Peter Rusch. He was fascinated by the writings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic agriculture, and he studied the anthroposophical concept of the natural balance of nature in depth.
The guiding ideas of this movement – holistic thinking, sustainable management in a closed business cycle and the promotion of natural life processes – still characterise Werner Lampert today.
He recognises that only this type of agriculture is sustainable and only in this way can food sovereignty be achieved. At the beginning of the 1980s he began to build up a wholesale business for organic food in Vienna and made a name for himself in the organic sector with products of the highest quality.
In 1994, he developed the organic brand “Ja! Natürlich” and for nine years he was responsible for brand management and the development of sustainable quality standards. In his project “Back to the Origin”, which was launched on the market in 2006 after a development phase lasting several years, Werner Green Brand Austria Personality 2012 Lampert focuses more on the basic ideas of organic farming and integrates the basic values of sustainability and regionality into the organic brand. He is convinced that sustainable agriculture requires a mutual assumption of responsibility by all those involved, from organic farmers to processing companies and consumers. This requires the creation of trust, which can only be achieved through traceability and transparency back to the original product.
With his team of experts at Werner Lampert Beratungs GmbH, he is now responsible for the development, production and marketing of sustainable, life-enhancing and affordable organic products and brands. The company deals with the question of how sustainability standards for consumer goods can be implemented and presented transparently. Werner Lampert also manages the organic Csardahof in Pama, Burgenland.


Sustainability, enjoyment and economy are – Werner Lampert is certain of this – not contradictions. After all, everyone benefits from healthy products: nature, future generations, farmers and producers as well as retailers and consumers. Werner Lampert is committed to combining the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability to guarantee a future worth living.
Although Lampert has already achieved much, he never tires of setting new quality standards for food production.
What exactly is meant by organic? What guidelines does a food producer follow? And what makes the product sustainable? Answers to these questions are provided by the “Prüf Nach!” quality mark for organic food developed by Lampert.
The label identifies sustainably produced, regional organic food of the highest enjoyment quality.
With its strict requirements, this quality standard goes far beyond the EU Organic Regulation and thus sets new standards in Europe. If Lampert has its way, consumer goods should in future also meet the same high standards of quality and sustainability as organic food from “Back to the Origin”. Because the following applies to every product: only a sustainable cycle ensures the well-being of all those involved in production. For this purpose Werner Lampert and his team are working on a sustainability standard for fairly produced consumer goods: “Fairify”.
For his commitment and services to organic missionary work in Austria and Europe, Werner Lampert will be awarded the “Green Brand Austria Personality 2012”.
His ideas and concepts have set new standards for consumers – not only in Austria, but throughout Europe. Lampert has succeeded in getting consumers to rethink more and more, to shop more responsibly and to demand transparency. The change in awareness has begun, not least thanks to Werner Lampert. And he is important. For people, our planet and our future.

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