“GREEN BRANDS” Quality Seal is EU certification mark

The GREEN BRAND seal of approval is a registered EU certification mark for environmental sustainability with an independent, transparent and neutral testing procedure. It is thus now protected throughout the entire EU!

This means that the GREEN BRAND seal of approval – including the process carried out before the seal is awarded – stands out from hundreds of other so-called “quality labels” and guarantees tested, genuinely sustainable quality!

The GREEN BRAND seal of approval ensures that the awarded brands are truly environmentally friendly and sustainable and therefore contribute to the protection of the environment, nature and climate as well as to the preservation of natural resources. This is ensured by audit, validation and control procedures which are carried out by recognized institutions according to very strict standards.

With the registration of the GREEN BRAND seal of approval as an EU certification mark, the seal and the entire procedure are protected by law. It ensures exclusivity to the licensees vis-a-vis anyone who does not meet the guaranteed ecologically sustainable quality preconditioned by GREEN BRANDS or who has not undergone the testing procedure and therefore has no license rights to the GREEN BRAND seal of approval.

The quality characteristics that products or services must have in order to obtain the certification and right to use the GREEN BRANDS seal of approval may vary by category. The details of the certification procedure (validation/criteria sheets) can be found in the trade mark guidelines published in the Register of European Union trade marks or here on our website

The GREEN BRANDS organization is strictly neutral and independent. It is not competing with the suppliers of the goods or services. The decision as to whether the testing criteria are met cannot be influenced by separate cash grants.

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