Claudia Haase

“The European Quality Seal is like a sustainable signpost that provides a high security in the jungle of labels. An anchor for orientation, where consumers know: here is a brand that is green thorough and through, and has been produced in a sustainable way with responsibility”.

” Happiness, Passion, responsibility, mindfulness and care are part of our philosophy of life and are thus inseparably connected with our company. Just like my husband’s belief that nature is the only true care. He has made it a mission in life to decipher the secrets of nature and make natural cosmetics available to everyone. In 1975 he invented his first product, lip balm with beeswax and camomile oil. Many are familiar with the lip balm from lavera sensitive-care. One of my favourite products.

Back then it was hand-pressed, but today ultra-modern machines produce over 100 sticks per minute. We combine nature with science and technology.

To me the GREEN BRANDS and I have a common ground: we take responsibility for our children and want to conserve the nature – just like we do with lavera natural cosmetics”.

Claudia Haase

ShareholderLaverana GmbH & Co. KG

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