nanopool: Liquid glass against plastic waste

Plastic packaging decomposes only after about 450 years and threatens the earth and the oceans. But what alternatives are there to plastic? Our GREEN BRAND nanopool GmbH offers a solution for this: environmentally friendly liquid glass. The np liquid glass technology has already been used for food, in health care and even in space travel.
After refining a surface with the liquid glass, no germs can adhere to it. The np-liquid glass technology creates a protective barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating the carton or the surface. The treatment thus makes conventional cardboard and paper packaging hygienic and safe alternatives to plastic. This makes the environmentally friendly finishing process the ideal solution to lead the packaging market onto new paths and to save it from the crisis. The new technology also keeps odours and gases away from the packaging.
“Conventional cardboard and paper packaging will become hygienic and safe alternatives to plastic.”
The refining agent is based on silicon dioxide. Almost any conceivable surface can be provided with an ultra-thin protective layer that provides long-term protection against moisture, dirt, corrosion and other influences without changing the appearance, feel or smell of the refined material.
This makes the solution ideal for all applications in the packaging industry. From egg cartons and paper straws to fast food boxes, all types of packaging can be stabilized as well as hydro- and oleophobicized with np liquid glass technology.
The process has already been awarded several innovation and environmental prizes. Among others, nanopool has received the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award, the Green Hero and the Land of Ideas science prize. nanopool is thus one of the most innovative companies in the field of sustainability and rightly carries the “GREEN BRAND” award.

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