LifeVERDE-Podcast: GREEN-BRANDS founder Norbert Lux in the conversation

How and when was the GREEN-BRANDS Seal created? Which companies have already been awarded the seal? And what criteria must brands meet to be awarded with the green quality seal, which has been protected by the EU as a certification mark?

In a podcast of the online magazine LifeVERDE, Norbert Lux, Initiator and Managing Director of GREEN BRANDS, offers a peek behind the scenes of the green quality seal, which is now awarded in almost ten European countries. In an interview with LifeVERDE founder Marcus Noack, Norbert Lux reports on the foundation in 2007 as well as on the rapid developments in recent years. The requirement of GREEN BRANDS: The quality seal wants to bring light into the seal jungle and positions itself consciously against Greenwashing.

FROSCH, WELEDA, lavera, dm, denn’s biomarkt, alverde, enerBIO, proWIN – all of them and many more have already been awarded the GREEN BRAND label. All GREEN BRANDS are evaluated according to strict criteria. Norbert Lux talks to Marcus Noack from LifeVERDE about how the certification process works in detail and which challenges companies and brands have to master.

LifeVERDE is the green online magazine for the German-speaking world, which has set a goal of helping to shape the transformation to a sustainable society. To achieve this, the portal combines information about green market players, presents responsible companies and shows innovative and well thought-out products that emphasize environmental conservation. In addition, LifeVERDE offers a green business directory that allows users to search for sustainable companies by region and topic.

The LifeVERDE podcast with Norbert Lux can be listened to on the following portals:


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