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Minister for Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler takes over the patronage

This year, the GREEN BRANDS organisation is organising the Austrian Environmental Journalism Award for the second time. The award honours outstanding media contributions on environmental and nature conservation topics and is rewarded with a total of 4,000 euros.   Austrian Minister for Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler has assumed patronage of the Austrian Environmental Journalism Award 2020. This underlines the relevance of the prize and the topics it honours: Environmental protection, climate protection and nature conservation concern each and every one of “Focus on climate protection”

“When restarting the economy, the focus should be on climate protection – because that creates a secure future, prosperity and sustainable jobs”, writes, Austria’s biggest business magazine in its May issue. The weekly magazine “Trend” has also taken up the article. The corona pandemic has brought society and economy to a standstill globally. According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, the “most serious crisis since World War II” therefore requires special measures and an “ecological Marshall Plan” that does not

“GREEN BRANDS” Quality Seal is EU certification mark

The GREEN BRAND seal of approval is a registered EU certification mark for environmental sustainability with an independent, transparent and neutral testing procedure. It is thus now protected throughout the entire EU! This means that the GREEN BRAND seal of approval – including the process carried out before the seal is awarded – stands out from hundreds of other so-called “quality labels” and guarantees tested, genuinely sustainable quality! The GREEN BRAND seal of approval ensures that the awarded brands are truly environmentally

” Zurück zum Ursprung ” is GREEN BRAND Austria

Whether dairy products, baby food, fruit and vegetables, bread or pasta – the Austrian food retail chain HOFER sells over 450 sustainable organic products under the brand “Back to the Origin”. Around 4,000 Austrian farmers produce the “Back to Origin” products according to high standards. Even before sustainability became a trend, Hofer produced all “Back to the Origin” products based on eight basic values: regionality, environmental protection, freedom from genetic engineering, animal welfare, highest food quality, transparency and fairness towards farmers

GREEN BRANDS trophy: World novelty made of liquid wood

All GREEN BRANDS are united by the fact that they stand for environmental awareness, sustainability and ecological progress. It is logical that they also deserve a very special environmentally friendly trophy. And the GREEN BRANDS trophy, which our award-winning brands have been receiving since 2014, is something very special: a unique world first. Because our trophy is carved from a very special wood. No, not carved. Printed! Never before has an award been produced in 3D printing from renewable resources. But

nanopool: Liquid glass against plastic waste

Plastic packaging decomposes only after about 450 years and threatens the earth and the oceans. But what alternatives are there to plastic? Our GREEN BRAND nanopool GmbH offers a solution for this: environmentally friendly liquid glass. The np liquid glass technology has already been used for food, in health care and even in space travel. After refining a surface with the liquid glass, no germs can adhere to it. The np-liquid glass technology creates a protective barrier that prevents liquids from


GREEN BRANDS exhibited again in 2020 at the world’s largest trade fair for organic consumer goods. We had our own stand at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, where we joined forces with many of our GREEN BRANDS to advocate sustainable and environmentally friendly food production. More than 3,400 exhibitors and 47,000 trade visitors from 136 countries came together in Nuremberg in February 2020 to find out about the latest developments in the organic food industry. We were guests with our stand in

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